Easy Lace Infinity Scarf

I have started my Christmas knitting….and it feels so wrong. Temps in Texas were at a lovely, steamy 102 this weekend so knitting a big chunky scarf may have been the last thing I wanted to do. Unless it were so easy that it can be completed in one day!

IMG_2684.JPGWhile looking for a flexible knit for a scarf, I stumbled upon Infinity Lace Scarf by Louis Chicquette on Ravelry. It is the easiest pattern to remember and created a very interesting pattern on my striped yarn. It almost looks like ripples.

Since finding this pattern, I also frogged another scarf that I was working on and cast-on this pattern again instead. Worked with large needles – for the first scarf I used size 13 and for the next size 15 – this knits very fast on a road trip. Try it!




Color Affection

Finished pictures!

Well, I gave the Color Affection a good soak in Soak and then realized that I could not find my blocking pins….

Oh bother.

So I hung it up to dry and said “Voila”! I am super happy with the end result and the bright, bold colors.

On to the next project!



Crap Crocheter

20140806-160020-57620446.jpgWell that didn’t turn out so well. Does anyone else note the lopsided side of my granny square (hint, it is on the right). Gulp.

I really am a crap crocheter. I just don’t have the troubleshooting capabilities in crochet as I do with knit. I am hoping to crochet more so that I become better. It’s a long, bumpy road though, you see.

For Christmas this year, I have decided to make sweet little dishcloths and scrubbers for my grandmother. I have purchased sweet spring colors: purples, light greens and blues and plan to make her a whole set, maybe five or six in total. This was supposed to be the first one, one that looks like a pretty granny square.

I am so not giving my granny that horrid square though!

I think I need to start out with an easier pattern.

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Pookah Knits

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Wrapping Up

20140804-124013-45613836.jpgGuess what?

My Color Affection wrap is all seamed up and ready for soaking in my new knit wash. Yippee! Almost ready to wrap this wrap! (wah, wah..corny jokes).

It is has been a long journey and I am ready to wear this beast! Too bad it is too hot in the middle of the summer…Good job self!

If you will refrain from noticing, I’m not too pleased with those bunchy ends. The reason for this is that I pulled too tightly on those rows where I switched from color to color. According to my knit pal who is way better researched than I (and a way better knitter too!), Ravelry users advised that you should slip your last stitches in order to lessen the pucker-iness of the knit. I was so far along (a.k.a. too low on cares) by the time I heard this advice and I wish I would have done the same! Heed the advice knitters!

I’m hoping the pucker-iness will go away a bit with some good stretching during the blocking process. Now I just have to find a tub large enough to soak it in and a way to keep my cat off of it while it is drying, stabbed to my foam blocking board.



In the Land of Stockinette

Stockinette makes for very boring photos but lovely weekend knitting/Roku time. I spent the weekend knitting, visiting family and watching my newest addiction, Blue Bloods. I don’t know about you but murder and policemen make wonderful speed Stockinette for me.

How did you spend your weekend?