…and so it starts

Finally starting sone long awaited projects from this amazing book I got from my mom for Christmas. Tiny Owl Knit’s Woodland Knits is do damn amazing. The projects are beautiful and I want to make each one .


First up is “Mister Fox Stole My Heart”, which is a stole in the shape if a fox.

Get it? Get it?!

Each time I say it I squeal a little

A Momentous Occasion

photo 1The moment of the final binding-off of stitches on the Color Affection!

It is done-ish. That is, I have some fixing to do. For instance, my ends are extremely tight from my stressed-out, why-won’t-this-hurry-up wrap and turns. I didn’t like how sloppy it looks, so I am crocheting a slight border along the top. I am using my main color and am doing a one-inch single-crochet of a few rows, just whatever looks right. I’m pretty new to crochet so this is quite interesting.

I actually like the wrap a whole lot better now that it is off the needles, likely due to the euphoria of being done-ish. But I’ll take it. Now I just need to find a shawl pin to go with it. Any recommendations?





So Pookah, Thanks for Leaving Me Hanging..

1922284_684096711654956_402855113_nYesterday after posting about my Color Affection, I decided to look at my last post and embarrassingly realized it was approximately FOUR MONTHS AGO! Geesh, sorry guys.

My last post was all about my excitement to be doing the Ravellenic Games – aka Knitting Olympics again with Ravelry. This year, I joined the “Mitten Moguls” event with a side event in colorwork because I was knitting the spectacular Spilly Jane Mystery & Manners mittens.

And they are gorgeous.

When you last saw me, I reported to be about 40% done and making good time toward finishing before the closing ceremonies. And I did! Actually, one day early. *shoulder shrug*

My Olympic Mitts were started on February 7th and completed on February 22nd. Not so bad, if I do so say myself. I also earned two pretty rad badges for getting to the Olympic podium. Bam!

Here’s the details and the finished project:

Mystery + Manners by SpillyJane


medal-2014-MITTEN medal-2014-NORDIC

Finally! Some Affection for My Color Affection

Well hello there!

I know, I’ve been out of commission for quite some time. You see, I’ve been drowning in bunches and bunches of yarn, making one beast of a knit.

How many of my knittas out there have seen this majorly impressive knit called Color Affection? It is pretty amazing; you need to check it out. But, be warned…it will cause you grey hairs. You will cast on and then suddenly you will have aged five years and complain about your bones.

It is the longest knit on earth.

Only finally getting to the cast-off row after SEVEN MONTHS of knitting could bring me out of my blog hibernation.

Seven flippin’ months my friends.

At first, I had no affection for this color affection. I just wasn’t feeling my colors. Back in January I actually had delusions of completing it in February because the colors reminded me of Mardi Gras. Hilarious.

Again, seven months.

The saving grace of this knit is that I am looking forward to seeing it completed. My circular isn’t long enough to stretch it out, so I don’t really know what it will look like when I bind off. Plus, my knitting group is knitting this as a KAL (“knit-along”) so I can complain about how long it is taking with my friends. I really like the colors they chose and it is inspiring to see how my friends put colors together. Actually, It’s been pretty fun — though I think I am only saying this now because I’m so close to completing it.

Here’s the details and some pictures:

Color Affection by Veera Välimäki

January - got to the second color pretty quickly. I can sooo get this done in February!

January – got to the second color pretty quickly. I can sooo get this done in February!

February - Got the the third color! That was kinda quick...

February – Got the the third color! That was kinda quick…

[...and that's when "quick" stopped becoming a word I used when speaking about this knit. Then came one month of hibernation where I refused to look at my Color UnAffection.]


May – look at all of our pretty colors. I’m so glad I picked this project up again.


June – Will this effing thing ever end?!


July – Look at all that progress we’ve made! I finally made it to the final section.

I’m so glad to see you all again and I promise I will share a final picture with you. In the meantime, whatchu been up to?


Ravellenic Games 2014

OldRavatarWho here is participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games this year? If you said, “HUH?” then you really need to grab your needs and join this Ravelry group!

In a nutshell, the Ravellenic Games are an excuse for knitters to challenge themselves to complete a knit project in record speed. Our very own Olympics. I have particiated before, and find it to be a blast.  The rules are that you pick a project that you will aim to complete between the time of opening ceremonies until closing ceremonies – this year, February 7 – 23. There are many different “events” from the “Hat Halfpipe” to the “Lace Luge” that you can join. Bascially, anything you want to knit, you can find an event to join. If you complete your project, you get bragging rights and a sweet badge for your blog (look at mine on my blog!). You and your knittas can join as a team or you can participate on your own.

This year, I have joined the “Mitten Moguls” event with a side event of colorwork because I am knitting the spectacular Spilly Jane Mystery & Manners mittens.

Let’s be frank.


f4368030910311e3975a0e30d8b9f9cb_8This is a really fun, yet challenging pattern and I got to use some yarn from my stash that I had no clue what to do with. Here were my mittens after opening ceremonies.

picstitchAnd here are my mittens as of last night. Left is the front, right is the back of the mitten. I love the peacock pattern so much but I most of all love how wintery these mittens look…and with this unfortunate Texas weather, I need these pronto! The green yarn isn’t a poor color choice, just waste yarn there to mark the thumb that I will pick up at the end. Since I’m almost done with my first mitt. I believe I’m about 40% done with my project, gotta pick up the speed!


Quite the Disappearing Act

I’m baaack! So, I’ve been getting the hint from some of my friends that I need to blog again. I feel very loved and happy.

And apologetic. I didn’t mean to abandon you all, I guess the month of madness (aka Blogtober) did me in. The holidays were very busy and then work became very busy, and then my blog seemed to fall off of the face of the Earth. Well, I’m back! But just a little bit, not like October. I will try not to disappear for a week  erm three months again!

So…. dear friends, what’s new? I spent the last few months on a crazy life/craft spree and I loved every bit of it. I’ve been ripping out my garden, knitting, crocheting, learning new crafts, doing home improvement, cooking and of course, giving lots of gifts. Here is a quick look at what I’ve been up to. I’ll catch you up in the following weeks.

photo 1 photo 2



Busy Like a Bee

Missed me?

I promise I haven’t fallen off of the
face of the Earth.

Life has been, well… Life. I haven’t had a real lunch break lately, been trying to workout more and by the time I get home I kind of want to stare into space. I have been knitting though!


When I do have a moment to spare, I’ve been knitting the base for my very own aun shawl. It’s actually called the Decembet Shawlette but there’s no real winter in a Texas so I like to think I live in a continuous autumn.

Ain’t she a beaut??