Last week my friend told me about the greatest present ever! Called Surprise Balls, they are layers and layers of awesomeness that any kid, or adult, will tear away at with squeals. I say this because I would. Seriously, what more fun for a kid than layers and layers of presents?

Armed with directions from Not Martha, I set in to make a punk princess-themed ball for my niece and a tattooed pirate themed ball  for my nephew. Here’s the goods:

My niece is getting a Hello Kitty stamp as the best (middle) gift, flowered hair ties, heart socks, dozens of pretty n punk tattoos (yes, before you ask, I already have one on), and puffy Disney princess stickers.

My nephew is getting a Stingray car as the best (middle) gift, a pirate eraser, pirate bandanna, lots of Ed Hardy tattoos (I have an incredible dislike for all things Hardy (Boys, Ed, Hardees), but I hear it is “all the rage” these days) and oodles of pirate and car/construction related stickers.

I was so excited about the toys that I failed to pay attention to the wrappings. You see, you are supposed to wrap one gift in crepe paper, then another gift, than another layer of paper, and so on. The middle gift is to be the pièce de résistance. Working your way to it is the fun part.

So, you are supposed to use crepe paper but I cannot read directions. I wrapped mine in colored tissue paper. Not the easiest task. I think crepe paper is much better to use because it has some give. At first I cut my tissue paper into 1 1/2 inch strips, but I quickly realized that it was more hassle than needed. Fine for the smaller middle bits, but way too difficult for the outer edges. About midway through, I realized that it was great to have some items you could easily wrap around the entire bundle, such as the socks, bandanna and hair ties. I chose that gift as the midway point where I would switch over to larger pieces of tissue paper.  This is also the point where they bundles start looking like balls instead of lumpy messes. I was concerned for a while.

After many layers of paper and with sad pieces of tissue crumpled at my feet, my surprise balls have a striking resemblance to a double cheeseburger. This may or not may not be due to my strong Carl’s Jr. cravings while making them. I tried to make up for their lumpy appearance with oodles of stickers. I think it worked.

I only wish I could see their faces when they open them!

No peeks,


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