The quickest armwarmers in the west

It rained today in San Diego and I wished I had armwarmers with me so badly. These ones are from the book Speed Knitting by Kris Percival, and speedy is right. I made the first pair for my sister and it only took me a lonely afternoon in front of the television to whip these up.  I seriously adore this book. As proof, I’ve had it checked out from the library since October and I fear the day when they no longer let me renew it. If you are looking for a fast gift for a friend, look no further.

Did I mention that I am learning to crochet? I am definitely not speedy. I can make a beautiful chain, but after that I’m toast. Thank goodness for You Tube videos. Who are those fools that saying crochet is easier? Speak now or forever hold your peace…..


One thought on “The quickest armwarmers in the west

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