I Heart Cables

When I first bought Debbie Stollers Stitch n Bitch Nation, I looked wide-eyed and adoring on the pattern for the Cabled Newsboy Cap. I remember reading the pattern and thinking about how difficult it would be to make. “c6b” and “pu2”?? It was all jibber-jabber to me and I thought I would never learn (sort of like crocheting right now). To me, this little hat represented everything I wanted to make, but didn’t really think I had the skill to do. Oh ye of little faith, Pookah. I am now knitting this hat for a friend of a friend and I am utterly amazed at how very easy the pattern truly is. It is a very simple cable, easy decrease, and the brim knitted up like a breeze.

The last step is to cut a sheet of plastic mesh for the brim (the book has a nice cut-out so I won’t mess it up too badly) and insert it in a little pocket before stitching the edge closed. But it was raining today so I stayed in and watched Jersey Shore (seriously, how horribly satisfying is this show?). Please forgive me.

So, for anyone doubting your abilities, just give a shot. Beginners, find that awe-inspiring pattern that urges you to try new techniques. Hang it up and stare it frequently. After a while, you will not feel like you need a Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring (yes, I watched A Christmas Story too much this holiday).


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