I’m an Olympian

Well, not in the athletic sense of the word, but I did just join The 2010 Knitting Olympics!

For the event, I will be making the cabled newsboy cap that I made for my friend’s friend, but this time I will be making for myself! I bought extra yarn for that project and since I loved it so much (it was hard to give up…ask my friend, it took me a week to mail), I thought I would make it for myself.

Now, one of the rules of the games is that the project must be a challenge for you. Knitters of every level can join, you just have to choose a project that will be a challenge for you to make between the time when the Olympic flame is lit and goes out. Normally this project wouldn’t be too difficult for me, since I’ve made it once before, but my family will be in town for most of those dates so it will definitely be a challenge! In between sightseeing trips I will be frantically knitting to try to finish in time. Sounds like there will be pictures of me knitting that hat whilst pointing at the seals in La Jolla, smiling in Balboa Park, and waving at the gorillas in the zoo. I’m so excited, I love games!

Join me in my quest for Olympic glory!

Peace and medals,



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