Meows and Medals

Sniffle, sniffle.  No, this isn’t sadness prompted by the end of the Olympics, knitting or otherwise. It is a genuine cold.  I haven’t really had a full-fledged cold since staying in San Diego all this year. I detest being sick. I can’t breathe and for some reason I am hungrier than ever before in my life. Sigh….

Well, on the bright side my parents were here last week and we had a great vacation. AND, I was able to knit two Olympic projects! Woo hoo! My fantastic hat was done the first weekend and then I knit a little sweater vest for mi gato. Mickey was not a fan of the sweater vest so I, of course, made him try on (see below). I don’t know how much he will wear it though because he just plopped down on the floor, refusing to get up. However, if I do ever want him to STAY, sit still…that might do the trick (as if a cat ever needs an excuse to sit still). The sweater still needs some love so I am adding on a nice trim and am debating adding sleeves.

Regardless of love for the final project, my completion has earned me this!

A winning little button for this here site. I have a gold medal I won for some cross-country event back in junior high that I may or may not start wearing around the house.

This accomplishment also leads me to complete #7 on my To Do List for Year 2010, sort of. I still do want to calm my impatience by knitting a human sized sweater. But, just in case, I’ve knit a smaller version. I’m also working on the skull baby sweater again for a friend of my mother. On a related note, why are there no black baby yarns? I know that there are not too many babies choosing to be punk rockers, but come on. My mother picked a nice, soft black yarn and accompanying hot, hot pink for the little skulls. I’m working on the back right now but may take a break to make some tiny baby booties with skulls on the soles.

Off to down another tablespoon of cough syrup.

Peace and sneezes,



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