Shake Your Booties

I know, I know…what a cliche title. I cannot help but be extremely boney when it comes to baby clothing. Tiny, cute shoes bring out the worst jokes in me. Two of my co-workers have buns in the oven (hehe) so I am making tiny booties for their baby showers. I previously made the One Hour Booties from the Stitch n Bitch Nation book and love ’em. The only downside is that you have to put on little buttons and I don’t feel like hunting down cute buttons right now. Also, I just feel that buttons are a bit of a bother for the mama. So I went on Ravelry and found dozens of easy patterns for simple baby booties.  I really do think about 50 were called “Easy Baby Booties”. Can’t get any better than that.

I’m knitting these out of Vanna’s baby yarn, in a soft, pale yellow called “Lamb”. They have little yarn overs for cinching a pretty tie to keep them on tight. I tried an i-cord, then a braided piece of yarn. Didn’t like either so I think I’m going to check out some pretty lace. One mom-to-be is having a little boy, and is a huge Chargers fan so I think some pale blue yarn would be sweet.

One other thing learned during this project? No one can look at a pair of baby booties without squealing. I think this could be very useful if in a predicament.


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