A Tale About a Tail

I’ve finally completed the Chevron Scarf! If you remember, it had this great chevron shape at the beginning. I finished knitting on Wednesday night and noticed that it bunched up at the two side pulls. So…while  I’ve never been great at blocking (must get blocking board), I wet the scarf and set it to dry on the edge of the tub, where it could stretched out and set flat. Tugging and pulling, that is when I noticed it – a new shape had materialized at the end! ……….Like a mermaid’s tail, right? I’ve officially renamed the scarf because of this new shape that appears at the end of the scarf. It is now the Mermaid Scarf. One thing I didn’t think of though was that air was not getting to both sides so why was I surprised when it was still damp in the morning?  I tried my best to dry it that morning. On the way to work, I turned up my heat full steam in the car. For a last ditch effort, I set the scarf down on the windowsill at work to dry in the sun. Alas, not sun that morning. The best part? Start sarcasm now. Wet wool smells fantastic.

My friend, Annika who made my lovely logo, loved it as well. Even if I did give her a damp, smelly scarf. That is when you know you have a great friend.


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