For every season…

Spring sprung and everyone started having babies! It has been the season of baby knits and I have welcomed the change from heavy mittens and heavy hats. I finished up the baby booties for my coworkers a while back but just realized that I had not posted a picture of the finished projects. I like to take pictures of the cuffs rolled up, so they look like boot booties!  I tried to experiment with ties:  the green is a cut of alpaca wool and the blue is a tiny washable ribbon.

Baby knits are all about the baby yarn…what is washable? What is comfortable? What if baby has allergies? For these projects, I made sure to use acrylic yarn because it is easily washable and has less allergens. There are tons of baby yarns out there. The booties are Vanna White br_nd y_rn (I left out the letters so you could buy a vowel). Unfortunately, as I’ve kvetched about recently, black baby yarn does not exist at my stores, so I just opted for a soft, acrylic yarn for the projects below.

My major spring project was the Skull Sweater for my mother’s friend. I had massive amounts of leftover bright pink yarn, so I made a matching set of booties and a hat. Adorable, right? So I’m at the last stage – sewing the zipper on the sweater and shipping it off to my mother for the baby shower. Time for a new project!  What next?

Peace and pitter-patter,



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