Simon’s Cowl

In the midst of my sock knitting, I found another project! A friend asked if I could donate a knitted item to be auctioned at a charity event. And, of course, she asked weeks ago and I completely forgot. Thankfully, a cowl is a lovely, quick knit and very fashionable right now.

First, what is a cowl? Well, it is a very fun word to say five times very quickly. Originally, a cowl was a hooded cloak worn by religious orders, such as monks. These days, especially in knit-land, a cowl is a scarf without ends. It is one , wide tube of knitting that you place over your head to cover your neck. I absolutely love cowls because you don’t have to worry about the ends misbehaving, like with a scarf. With a cowl, you never have to worry about it dipping into the sink when washing your hands.

Fuzzy yarn, fuzzy picture.

I’m using a beige Homespun yarn. I believe that this is the brat of yarns. It is historically hard to manage. The yarn splits easy and can pull and lose its wonderful shape. That being said, it is soft and falls beautifully into a great, bubbly pattern. I made a scarf of bright yellow Homespun once that looked like buttered popcorn.

Anyway, I have eight rounds left, so…later gator!

Peace and purls,



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