Knitting Field Trip

On our way to our tea time at Shakespeare’s, we stopped off at an eclectic store in South Park which was a smorgasbord of all things I love: The Grove at Juniper and 30th. I tell ya, there probably wasn’t anything in that store that I wouldn’t like to have.  From art supplies to writer’s books, designer totes to yarn….I was enamored by everything there. I saw the tiniest music box I’ve ever churned, beautiful knits, wooden bookmarks. Arg, I wish I had infinite amounts of money to buy everything I fancy. But, then I would be a hoarder.

Instead, I bought a skein of yarn. Allowing myself one, mid-range purchase is the best solution to qualm my wants. There was a pretty great shelf of clearance yarns, but I didn’t want to get a solid piece. I wanted variation. Forever in love with red, I was drawn in by a single skein of  O-Wool Balance in Ruby. O-Wool is a blend of organic fibers, so not only am I happy, but so is the world. I think I will make a little Downtown Clutch as well, with a red handle and this yarn as the body of the clutch. Can’t wait!


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