Clutch Crush

Lately I’ve been knitting the Downtown Clutch a really fun, quick knit. This is the first time I’ve used the three needle bind off and I have to tell ya, I’m completely sold. You basically just have your two pieces on two needles, right sides facing each other, and grab a third needle and knit the two together onto the new needle. Genius! It makes for a nice, even bottom or edge. And this edge is pretty great, right? It is all nice and puckered. I like puckering.

And the weave edge, I adore it! Here is an up-close. I can’t wait to make this in a pretty color.

Now that the knit is finished, I’m pondering the closing apparatus. I am considering sewing in a metal snap clasp. I did some googling and notice that many recommend going to a thrift store and recycling one from an older clutch. I love that idea. And new ones are around $20, which isn’t bad…but I could just add a nice zipper and a woven wrist strap. Decisions, decisions… Ideas knitters/purse lovers?

Next up? A felted handbag!


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