Mama’s Working on a Brand New Bag

Loves it! It is no secret that I love cables. Something I do not love though? Felting. Never liked the looks of it. But I’m trying to free my mind. So, I am trying out a free online pattern called Braided Cable Handle Tote, and I’m making it in the “mini” size. This pattern is super easy and, even with cables, is easy to come back to after setting it down and not marking where you left off. Really, the hardest thing about this so far has been transitioning from the bottom to the sides. Typically, I’ve just stitched the sides together, but for this pattern you pick up stitches around the end to create the sides. I really love seamless items, so I can dig it. The downside? The first ten rows are ridiculously tight. I had to use DPNs for a while (something about which the pattern warns). But it eased up a lot by the second round of the cable pattern. This will be my first (purposeful) felting project. Si, I’ve only felted when I did not intend to and intended to and did not felt.

Hmmmm….Wonder how this will end?


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