Tumbling Into the Felt

Well, that was exciting. Yes, I tested my felting skills for the first, jumping right in armed with all the knowledge Google can get a knitter. After lots of agitation, both myself and the felted bag were finished. Somehow we made it out alright. And I only had minor puddles of water, a disconnected dyer vent, and a headache.

I finished the braided handles earlier this morning on my Braided Cable Handle Tote and placed it in a tightly knotted pillowcase, with a spot of detergent, and two pairs of old jeans and prayed. Thankfully, it only took three cycles of agitation. At some point I got lots of water on the floor and panicked that the only thing my felting had produced was a leak. Not surprisingly, it was unfounded panic, but I didn’t realize that until I moved the dryer away from the wall and disconnected what I refer to as “the shiny, sealed Slinky thingy” in the back. Worried that this was some vital piece of equipment, I unplugged everything and called my father. Because that is what you do when you are grown-up but don’t have a landlord.

Hours  later and slowing palpitations, I cleaned up the mess and had time to peer into the pillowcase to find a beautiful, felted bag. I wrapped a book in plastic , placed it inside for blocking and hung it up to dry. Marvelous. I really like this bag and may have to make another. I would like to make my niece a little purse for Christmas and this may be a good fit. I just have to find the perfect color of purple for her.

Here’s a little “before” and “after” business:




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