The World’s Ugliest Socks, revealed

Ready for it?

Yesterday, I promised to reveal the world’s ugliest socks.


Oh yea….It started out looking pretty cool and then became a stripey mess. I thought the stripes would turn out different. The pattern started off cool and then went somewhere else entirely. Though I disliked them at first, the pattern slowly grew on me and I thought they were pretty funky. Then things got crazy when knitting the “afterthought” heel where you pick up stitches later to complete the heel. My incredible dislike for knitting heels lead me to experiment and really, it was disastrous. I just have to deal with my heel phobia and carry on.

The specs: Sock yarn in Meadow Multi from KnitPicks, rolly stockinette cuff, “Twilight” ribbing (from 2-at-a-time socks), afterthought heel (do NOT recommend unless you are more patient than me), classic toe.


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