Giving Back

I am very proud of this one! I belong to a knitting group at my church that is focused on knitting for charity. I haven’t attended for a few months due to other obligations, but I went to our July meeting and was so pleased to see this blanket! Back in the winter, we started making 7×9 squares for this great group of kids at a local ranch. At the ranch, they teach and mentor at-risk youth in vocational trades and give back to the local community in such an amazing way.

The ladies in the group recently crocheted together the squares and are going to present them to the group this summer. I was so happy to see some of my squares on the last blanket they had stitched together. There is a seed stitch brown one in the bottom right and I think a ribbed one or two on the left. It is amazing to see that my knitting obsession can be transferred to something so wonderful. This made me jump back into knitting for charity (next up? Baby hats!). Doesn’t it feel good to give back?




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