Try as hard as I may, I cannot take good pictures of my socks. So, you get this. Enjoy! This beautiful peacock sock is one of my favorites. It has a super cool argyle lace pattern that is named after some metro line.

But, as fantastic as this sock is…there’s a problem. Here’s the story, I hate making the second sock. I know I am not alone. There are whole methods designed to knit socks at the same time for people like me. So most of my socks are mateless. Sad, lonely single socks. I like to put all of my lonely socks together to mingle…but they still look sad.

I also have a fear about the second sock. I am forgetful. I know that I will make second sock and it will not match. It will be longer, have a different pattern, or a different heel. It will feel sad and inferior to its older, more polished twin. Again, there are whole sock knitting methods designed people like me (try it, 2-at-a-time). But do I do it? No. I tried it and just didn’t like it. I’m a DPN knitter and there is nothing I can do about that.

It’s a cruel world second sock. I’m just preparing your for a life full of heartache.

Peace and pangs,



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