Knitty & Chilly

I know all of my family will disown me when they hear this. But its true. It is getting downright chilly here in sunny So Cal. I stand behind this statement no matter the twenty degrees below freezing craziness it is back east. It rained all weekend and when it gets around 60 degrees, you like to have a nice, warm beverage right? And we knitters like to “cozy” everything, don’t we? Enter…..

the coffee cozy. Yes, I know it is around a fountain drink full of ice, but give me some creative license here people.

I think I will use this as a project for my next intro course but it is a simple, fun first project for techniques like simple color work, ribbing or even cables.

Stay classy, and warm San Diego.


2 thoughts on “Knitty & Chilly

  1. Ha, It was 60 degrees here this weekend! Everyone is wearing short sleeve tops and doing outside activities. We will take this type weather anytime in winter and never complain. The cozy you knitted is real nice. Would make a great christmas gift for your Mom…….

  2. Haha! 60 degrees, time for flip flops! I hope it stays that way for a while! See, it would have been a perfect time for me to visit, I could have been warm in the house for once!!

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