Baby Bundles

Baby clothes are some of my favorite items to knit. I do not have any babies and I sometimes have no clue how the garments I make will fit. Babies come in so many shapes and sizes.  Some have little Michelin tire rolls of cute baby chub….or little tufts of hair….and those cheeks! So, of course, babies need cute clothes so we adults have something else to squeal over besides those pinch-able cheeks.


This sweater is one of my favorite shapes. It is easy to knit – knitted flat with raglan shaping. Normally, I detest seaming and finishing garments, but this one seams easily. I made this little number for my friend who is have a little Henry in December.


I decided to make it short sleeved because I dreamed that this would fit him better in the spring. I think now though that these sleeves may be 3/4 length which I actually really like. I think they allow for more freedom and movement for crawling around on expeditions!

Next up, I’m going to make some really fun toys, like rattles and stuffed goodies that I learned for a class I had developed.  I really love quick knits and baby items are the best for that instant happiness you get by admiring something you made with your own two hands. And the joy of giving it to others is beyond words! I know that babies grow out of it fast, but you really cannot beat knitting for those little munchkins!




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