Indecision 2010

All fall and winter long I knit like a madwoman. And I love it. I like making Christmas presents for everyone, choosing accessories and yarn colors I think they will like. I usually pick a theme and choose styles that show off the yarn or remind me of the person. I make my grandmother fluffy purple knits because I know she loves soft, pretty things. I knit my mother Celtic knots, and my sister bright, funky colors. Everyone has patterns and colors that that I can instantly choose for them. I am another story though. Buying anything for myself is an agonizing decision. But someone said to me recently that I should always treat myself. That I spend months with my hands in yarn so I should get myself some really nice yarn that just feels good in my hands. But here’s the thing. I’m not good at buying myself things. No secret to my loved ones, but I panic when it comes to spending money on myself. Thankfully they lovingly support my knit habits. For my birthday, my friend Annika gave me a gift certificate to one of the most amazing stores in San Diego, The Grove at Juniper and 30th (previously described by me as a smorgasbord of all things I love, and I still stand by that statement). Thanks to Annika, I was able to get some pretty amazing gifts for myself. Joy!

I’ve been knitting socks like mad and I found that I really like sock yarn for the springy step it has. I used to hate turning heels so stayed away from sock knitting. But after months of socks, I discovered that I really like the science of it. So I bit the bullet and splurged on skein of Really Red Chugiak Sock Yarn from Pagewood Farms here in California so I could make a pair for myself. I like buying local if I can and although I have no idea where San Pedro is, I’m really happy I can support two local small business in one shopping trip. And what Buckeyes fan could turn down “really red”? Smashing!

I had a few bucks left over, so I snatched up this bag I’d been eying in the store. I’m a sucker for bags and little project bags are my new obsession. I’m also a sucker for nerdy word puns so it is no surprise that I wanted this Pretty Cheep Bag. Giggles! hehehehehee. Okay, compose yourself, Pookah. Seriously though, isn’t this sparrow the greatest?

So this purchase was back in July and I’ve been thinking it about it non-stop since I’ve started to wrap up my Christmas knitting. I’ve poured through my sock knitting books looking for a pattern that screams, “pick me, pick me!” I cannot wait until to start but now I just need to cure my indecision….cables? lace? guernsey? Help?




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