Why Hello There Kitty!

Triumph! So I knitted this hat for my niece way back when but when it came time to put the face on I completely panicked. I’m not an embroiderer. I know how to thread a needle and hand sew a zipper in, but that’s typically about as good as it gets.


But last weekend, with the clock counting down to the final holidayshipping dates, I had no where to hide. I picked up the embroidery floss that I purchased months ago (back when I was way excited about the project and my skillz) and started the yellow nose first, since it seemed like the middle was a great place to start. Not beautiful, but not horrible. Then I attacked the eyes. Disaster. Embroidery floss just sunk into the wider knit and disappeared. So I panicked. More floss! Still ugly. Then I panicked some more. I grabbed the felt that I bought for under my dining room table chairs and decided to cut out eyes. So ugly! Then I happened to look at the directions again. Oh…… so the designer recommended using yarn instead of floss….ohhhhh. Directions, what a novel idea. After this “revelation” it was a breeze. Two and half hours later and this little kitty finally had a face. And what a cute face it is.




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