Fake Fair Isle

Just because I cannot take on new projects doesn’t mean I cannot admire some past ones that I haven’t shared yet! Yahoo!

One such was one of my very favorite Christmas knitting projects. I always love knitting for my mother. She is my mom so she just has to love everything I make, right? Us knitters know that one of the best parts of knitting for family and friends is picking the patterns and colors our loved ones will go ga-ga for.  You want to make sure they are something they will enjoy and will actually wear. Sadly, I typically never get to see their faces when they open my knitted gifts, but I do get to see them modeling their gear at some point! Back to my point, my mom loves the ocean, earthy colors, and Celtic designs, so finding patterns to knit for her is always a fun search. Its also a plus that know I can try new techniques and she will like them, even if they have the occasional mistake! Last year I took a favorite fingerless glove pattern and made it into a glove for her. As soon as I saw those twists and cables, I knew I had to make it for her. So when I first started knitting using sock yarn, I knew I could find some beautiful motifs for her.

For this year’s gift, my mom was one of the very few people I finished a sock for. (I really wish I would have realized how slow socks grow on size one needles and how insane it is to think I could knit like 12 pairs!!) If you haven’t checked out sock yarns, please run to your yarn store this minute. There are such beautiful self-striping or self-patterning yarns. With sock yarn, like the Patons Kroy I used, you get all of the fun of fair isle patterns without the hassle of knitting fair isle. The yarn I chose is called Earth Jacquard and I was so excited to see it creating little ocean wave motifs.

How great is that? You just knit around and around and watch as this cool pattern emerges!

Working on this project made me wish I had the patience to knit a honest to goodness fair isle project. Fittingly, one of the gifts my mother got for me is this awesome Fabulous Fair Isle Knitting book, which I have to be patient and stop staring at until I finish my lovely sweater. I cannot wait to grab some yarn and try some of these great patterns. I’ve been dreaming of a button-up fair isle vest for a few years now! Sigh, but after the restraint I have to practice in order to finish this sweater I think I should stick to trying out a scarf or mittens first!




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