Beautiful, Untouchable Yarn

I want to knit it, I want to knit it!

Looking through my bookshelves I stumbled upon this beautiful yarn that I cannot believe I haven’t blogged about yet. I actually won this, can you believe it?! One of my very favorite bloggers is Bitches Get Stitches. Who wouldn’t love a blog with this great of a title? This gentleman is from Pittsburgh, one of my favorite cities ,and he always knits the most beautiful projects.

He had posted about the unfortunate state of knitting books that focus on knitting by or for men. I had read a few and had been ambivalent until reading his post. There, I discovered one that made outrageous claims about men being pretty boring and not liking fun colors and moreover, that men just aren’t wired to feel. Now, I’ve been around many men like this, but come on! First, doesn’t anyone remember those outrageous Zubaz pants that every football-loving man wore in the 90s? Zubaz were anything but boring and the colors? Please. And more importantly, really? This is incredibly sexist and demeaning. I discovered this book when Bitches Get Stitches blogged about it and I was, of course, compelled to post. And he gave all of us free yarn who could guess what book he was reading!

A few weeks later, this lovely bundle showed up in the mail. The yarn is Madeline Tosh hand-dyed DK weight and the variegation is downright gorgeous. Hard to tell from the photo, but it is a gorgeous misty green. I think it would make a lovely stretchy cowl.

Alas, I must stay on track and get back to my sweater. I will place this yarn up on my shelf where it will quietly whisper, “knit me, knit me!” Thanks Bitches Get Stitches, you are a knitting rock star.


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