The Mighty Miter

imageMy cheating continues….. I haven’t made it to the yarn store yet so I’ve been finding little projects to knit with my overflowing stash. I highly recommended this for every knitter. I almost forgot all the cool yarns wasting away in my piles. How many balls of yarn have we all bought and had no plans for? For me, its those really fancy, nice yarns that I feel like I have to find the perfect pattern for. That’s just plain crazy!

I’ve seen alot of cool patterns that utilize the itty, bitty pieces of yarn that we all stash away. Rugs, doormats, even bags. I have a little picnic basket full of tiny balls of scrap yarn. One perfect use for these? Nifty coasters. So i decided to try out a technique I hadn’t given a shot yet: mitered squares. I recently received a brochure for Stitches West where miters are featured on the front cover. Sadly, I can’t make it to Stitches but I that doesn’t mean I can’t learn something new on my own.

Using a pattern from Ann Budd’s Knitted Gifts (awesome book!), I was able to knit these four coasters up in just a few hours. It takes a bit more time to make the striped ones, but its nice to play with different colors and width of stripes. And the stripes show off the miter technique better than a solid color. My two cents:  Mitered squares are amazing! It is one of those techniques that you cannot help but wonder, “who came up with this?!” It is so easy to do and looks pretty great, even to me who is not the biggest fan of stripes. Wouldn’t this make a great, quick housewarming gift? I put a snapshot here in black and white so you can imagine all the pretty colors.


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