imageI finally got to use these beautiful tags! My friend Jill had a Craft Corner at her house the other day and she let us go to town on her stamps and other crafty goods. I left with some beautiful tags, one of which I got to use on arm warmers I made for my friend Mary, a lover of all things teal. I made her the Quickest Arm Warmers in the West that I made last year. These are seriously the best arm warmers for a beginning knitter who (if you are my student!) is learning to knit in the round. They knit up so quickly that you get to see the magic quite quickly. Pattern is from Speed Knitting by Kris Percival and can be knitted quickly in the time it takes to catch up on one’s DVD of ER.

The tags are made from random bits of scrapbooking paper and this beautiful stamp set just made for knitters. My friend Jill gave me the set as a Christmas present and I adore it. These tags really make your knitting just a bit extra-special.




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