Required Reading

Review for Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller

I adore this book, complete adore it. If you’ve taken classes with me, you have undoubtedly heard me rave about it and insist that you need it. If I could assign required reading this would be it! As with most knitting books, it is broken down into parts, some instructional guide for beginners, a review of knitting techniques and the lovely patterns. Here, “I Knit it May Way” includes instructions from reading patterns, gauge, yarn weight, fixing mistakes and more. This is just a great reference for any knitter. I especially love the parts on measuring for sweater knitting, as if I am ever going to have the patience and time to knit a large project (see the promise I made to myself how many months ago?!)

In the back, “The Knitty Gritty” section is a refresher course in knitting techniques. From casting on, the knit and purl stitch, and binding off and everything in between, this book was my savior when learning new techniques. For some reason, books that were focused on dummies like me, might as well been written in Mandarin Chinese to me, but once I got this book, I could clearly understand the drawings and simple instructions on how to make one increase. It also includes instruction for more advanced or fun techniques like SKP, SSK, three needle bind off, poms and icord. Lets just say that I would turn to this book so frequently that my copy is quite the mess (insert picture).

Now for the best part…the patterns of course! All Stitch n Bitch patterns are amazingly fun. For me, this book has far better patterns than the first book. There is a great mix of patterns, broken down into:

  1. Scarves, Hats and Mittens
  2. Sweaters and Ponchos
  3. Sexy Summer Knits
  4. Legs, Bags and Beyond
  5. Babies, Dogs and Cats
  6. Gifts and More

If you are looking for a nice gift, or a crazy project this is your book. From teapot cozies, to rock n roll dolls, you will find something you want to make here.  Here are my top five patterns from the book:

  1. Newsboy cap – This pattern was the main reason I bought this book. I fell in love with this hat in an instant. I plainly remember skimming the pages and wondering if I would be able to make something like this one day. And one day a friend asked if I could make a hat for a friend of us as a gift. So I finally turned to this pattern and was just amazed at how easy it was by then! Hooray! So I made a bright red one, then a grey one promptly for myself. View it here: I Heart CablesToday, I and Ermmm
  2. Baby’s First Tattoo- My favorite sweater pattern for all baby sweaters I make now. I found that I love raglan shaping, which is surprising because I prefer to work seamless, in the round as much as possible. I’ve made this sweater with the super awesome skull twice and then improvised my own design later for Baby Henry (who is just adorable by the way). View Punk Babies and Baby Bundles
  3. One Hour Baby Booties – Any claim like this, and I want to test it out. But, it is true! These are the quickest booties to knit ever. And I love being able to pick out different buttons to use for the closures. Back in the day, this was my first attempt at turning heels and it put me so much at ease that my next task was to try out socks.
  4. Casey’s Coat – I know, I know, it is a dog sweater and I do not have a dog. But, my lovely Pookah cat used to be the size of a medium-sized dog, so why not! Really fun to knit, and even more fun to watch Mickey fall over once the sweater is on! Tee hee! View it here: Olympic Project #2
  5. Head Huggers – I have actually never completed the whole project, but these are my favorite flowers ever! They come in 5-petal and 6-petal designs are very fun to knit up. See it here: Gather Ye Rosebubds and Children in Bloom

And projects I’m dying to make:

  1. Li’l Devil Pants –Red toddler pants with the cutest lil devil tail you’ve ever seen!
  2. Clover Lace Wrap – I love lace!
  3. Om Yoga Mat – Again, I love lace! And have a naked yoga mat that would love to be covered.

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