Dog Days of Summer

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with wanting a dog. Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed about my future dog like other little girls dream about their wedding day. My dog, a French Bulldog who I will adorn with a top hat and monocle  when I take him for walks, will be named Winston (Churchill) and I will take pictures of him with a cigar in his mouth, quietly mocking the French. Poetic justice indeed.

Unfortunately, my life has been filled with people who do not like dogs so I’ve never had one! Gah! Nowadays, lets just say that I’m on my own and I can get a dog if I want to…yippee! Now I just have to coerce Mickey into not fainting every time he sees a dog (see below).

The Standoff: Mucker vs Mickey













Back to knitting.


Doggie sweater for Willow, my mother's Yorkie

Luckily, both my sister and my mom now have cute little dogs that I can knit for. To the right is my first tiny dog sweater for Willow, my mom’s Yorkie. This is the the Everyday Turtleneck in Knitting for Dogs by by Kristi Porter. It’s a very sweet and simple turtleneck that even has a smart opening for a leash. And it is ridiculously easy to knit so far. The only think making me pause is steeking. Never heard of? Either had I. In a nutshell, steeking is a panic-inducing technique where you intentionally cut your knits and seam back. Frightening. It is used in fair isle to lessen all of those pesky ends and is used in this pattern to ensure that striping stays on track. This frankly sounds awesome, but I’m worried. More to come on that.

Peace n pups,



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