Summer of Socks

I’m travelling alot lately and sock are the best travel companions. Compact and laborious, they are perfect for airplanes and possibly for roadtrips (I hope to test this hypothesis out in the future). I especially like them for airplane rides because the needles are small enough that my elbows do not extend out to my seat mate or become prey for the beverage cart. Plus, in that they are knit on small needles they take forever to finish. This spring/summer is full of travel for me, so I have deemed it the Summer of Socks. So far, I’ve started two pairs and finished none. Grumble, grumble, grumble.


My most recent sock started because I decided on the spur of the moment to attend my knit-up group the other day. Problem was, I somehow didn’t have any yarn or needles in my car or work cube. How did this happen? I always have a project stashed somewhere! So I jetted to the closet Michaels on the way and was thrilled to see that they now have small sized DPNs. Granted the ones I found were metal but I didn’t want to spend much, considering I have loads upon loads of unused needles and yarn at home. I grabbed my new needles and some sale sock yarn and ran off to the meeting. I haven’t seen them in months and it was so nice to see how the group has grown immensely. I guess I am the founder of the meetup (now called Chicks with Sticks, love!) and then moved away so I have abandoned my flock. I felt so happy and welcome; it was just what I needed. Now the group consists of ladies of all ages, backgrounds and even some tiny young-ins learning to knit. I was a proud teacher!

Because I’m spastic, I started the socks at the meeting then frogged them later after finding a pattern that I liked better. One thing about travelling sock knitting, I highly recommend easy patterns that are a breeze to remember. Case and point, this pattern is called Dead Simple Lace Socks written by Wendy D. Johnson and is in the Socks from the Toe Up book (though I’m breaking laws and knitting them from the top down because I’m stubborn). Super easy to remember and is truly dead simple. Now I just have to find out if I’m allowed boarding a plane with those stabby little needles.

Happy travels,



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