I absolutely love to learn new things. Recently, I am unable to have an evening free for fear that my mind will not stop spinning, so I’ve decided to fill my schedule with other spinning (and less insane) activities. With my two summer courses cancelled, I scoured the internet for things to do.

My ideas? First, a ceramics class where I will learn to use the wheel. This is quite the challenge because I distinctly remember being a terror on the wheel when I used it in an applied arts class back in high school. We shall see how this goes…

Second, I’ve always wanted to learn more about yarn and the shearing, dying, processing and spinning of it. When I want to splurge, I buy these lovely spun fibers that look so gorgeous in their bundles that I am almost sad to knit something out of them.

Since I thought working on alpaca ranch may be out of my abilities right now, I was delighted to find a spinning group on Ravelry that meets locally. AND, the organizer is a gem. She sells wholesale roving, spins, dyes and teaches classes. For a whopping $8, I was able to get a drop spindle (that she made herself!), a small amount of Shetland wool, and a little spinning lesson (from a very patient instructor). I am no whiz, but I look forward to practicing.




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