Boo! Feeling Crafty



I decided that I WILL get trick-or-treaters this year. I will! Every year I go through almost the same charade. I put up orange lights, buy some cute window clings and a big bag of chocolate and get ready for the onslaught of monsters, superheroes and princesses. And do they come? NO! They never come! Enough. Last year, I turned off all the lights, turned the TV on FearNet and ate all of my miniature Milky Ways by myself. And what happened? The doorbell rang. Once.  It still counts.

This year I live in a great little residential area with children, lots of em.  They will come, I know it. And I”m going to be prepared. I’m thinking of dressing up even. With my luck it will be me, with a 50s beehive and a bowl full of sugar again. But this time I will have a sweet wreath.

So I was feeling crafty the other day, which is always dangerous. Instead of buying the $8 ready-made wreath, I decided that I can just make my own. I blame Pinterest: see this and that if you don’t believe me. Because of Pinterest I even have this grand idea about making my own cuckoo clock.


In y crafty delusional state, I bought a really hideous black wreath, which I decided was a disaster when I got home. I went back and bought a beautiful grapevine wreath (I also have the delusion that I can just keep using this one wreath and swap out the decoration for each holiday, know…I’m a delusional crafter). I also found some beautiful shimmery ribbon, black roses and a lovely little glittery owl who was perfect for me.

When I finally learned that I a) cannot make a bow to save my life and b) I’m not as crafty as those crazy Pinterest people. I came up with this (hurry, look right). The best part? The wreath covers my apartment number so those pesky kids who wonder why that mean lady gave them grapes instead of candy (because she ate it all) can never find me again.





4 thoughts on “Boo! Feeling Crafty

  1. The trick to a good bow is to tie it “upside down”…instead of the ends hanging down, turn the project or card 180 degrees and tie it so that you have to adjust the ends to hang away from you instead of towards you. (Okay, this was much harder to explain in writing than I thought, lol!)

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