Smitten Mittens


I am so excited about going home to Ohio for the holidays. I haven’t been able to travel home for Christmas for the last two years and I’ve missed it so much. The great things:  seeing my Mom and Dad, Grandma and her stuffing, looking at the snow and just enjoying being where I belong. The not-so-great things:  long flight, ice, and the thermostat that my Dad keeps at a nippy 55 degrees. Long johns and heavy socks are a must. This winter, I’m going to be prepared with these beautiful Bella Mittens, an uber cool pattern written by Subliminal Rabbit (I adore her patterns, check a look at the amazing Maggie Armwarmers too).

I’ve made these mittens many times and I love the long length and how quickly they knit up. The pattern is easy to memorize yet remains interesting with these lovely horseshoe cables (heart!). Mine are made of mystery yarn and its the first time I’ve used a variegated yarn for these mittens. This skein was donated to me and I have no clue what it is . Maybe a prize to someone who figures it out? You too can have a skein of mystery yarn!




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