Cuckoo Clock Project

Good grief. Pinterest has made me into a crazy lady. You need proof? Check out my Why Buy It When I Can Make It board. The sad thing is…I really think I can. And I try to make these things. My first project is the DIY Cuckoo Clock by the very talented EverKelly. I love cuckoo clocks. But, the sleepless nights of my youth listen to my grandmother tick-tock alarm clock makes it clear that there is no way I could stomach an actual cuckoo. This is the perfect substitute.

I’m only part of the way done, but so far I have found my wooden birdhouse and painted it with some paint I had around. Next I get to bash in that perch so I can attach the clock face. I love demolishing things to bits! Cheers!

Painting the Birdhouse

Painting, and awaiting a hammer to take out the perch


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