Ready to Start!

ImageJoy, oh joy, oh joy! This was the contents of my extra special delivery, Knit Picks Strolle Tonal in Gypsy red (gypsy tears!).

I’m very excited to get back into knitting now that I am settled. I will be getting all agressive on my Mira’s Cowl this weekend and perhaps will cast on for my next project, the beautiful Holden Shawlette. A friend of mine in the Encinitas knitting group made this and I don’t think there wasn’t one of us who didn’t try to steal it away from her. I saw pictures of it knit in this deep red from Knit Picks, and red is my favorite so I couldn’t resist. I cannot wait to start it. I also found a local knitting group that I am going to try to make it to tonight (if a.) Traffic is not a catastrophe and b.) I don’t get lost.) Both are quite possible.

Happy knitting,




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