Work ‘n Knit


Not at all similar to the stitch in bitch. This is for people whose brains cannot function on a Friday. Knitting in the round is good for that.


2 thoughts on “Work ‘n Knit

  1. 1.) Totally jelly that you are able to knit at work… at least I am assuming this is the case if which being true, still jealous 🙂
    2.) Whatcha makin?!
    3.) I miss you! 🙂

    • Not really allowed per se…..but I can get some in during breaks! Ga, I was such a mess on Friday, I blame it partially on new glasses and otherwise on spring fever. 🙂 This is an apple-green sock because I have to have some mindless stockinette around. I think they may be for me when they get done, gasp!

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