A Different Kind of Casting


Me n my fish....Miss Piggy is somewhere in there

I’ve been learning a different kind of casting then I am used to…..and I’m way worse at this one. I’ve been fishing twice in the last two weeks and I have to say, I like it. I never thought I would. It also helps when you catch things.

I was given my very own fishing pole, named Shakespeare’s Ugly Stick. I named it Iago because I am a lit geek. After practicing casting the backyard, we walked to the pond nearby and I did okay for my first time. I caught my first catfish last weekend and was super happy (my guy said it was a really big one!) but then I felt instantly guilty and whispered, “I’m sorry!” to it.

Then we went again Friday and my casting was all over the place. Kind of like long-tail the first time I did it and stubbornly exclaimed that I was NEVER doing that again. But, I caught five catfish! Yes, five! One of them made an adorable grunting noise so I named it Miss Piggy. Then she and all the others were put on this stringy-thing (yes, I’m using all technical terms now) and brought back to be cleaned. We had a fish fry on Sunday….and they were delicious. Gah! You know what helps? If you don’t name the fish you catch and plan to eat.Sigh.




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