All Things Texas

ImageI spent this weekend getting a tour of some obligatory Texas history. Like in Ohio, students here have to take some history about their state, but Texans are definitely way more serious about their history…as evidenced by the many Lone Stars on everything, from garage doors to the top of a way cool monument. The San Jacinto Monument and Battleground is the site of the final battle between the U.S. and Mexico for Texas. It was the Battle of San Jacinto where Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana and the state was signed over to America.


View of the bayou from San Jacinto Monument

At the site is a ginormous monument (true to form, it has to be the tallest in the world), where you can see great views of the bayou from the top. Sourrounding the monument, the battlegrounds are in conservation mode, growing the tall grass to the mid-1800s height. Next to the monument is the Battleship Texas, the flagship for the D-Day invasion in Normandy and one of the most intimidating ships I’ve seen. It would have been more intimidating could I not jump on one of the massive guns and play, but scary nonetheless. I’m still an Ohioan at hear, but the more I learn about the state, the more impressed I am with the preservation of history and conservation.




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