Happy Camper


Spiffy Campsite

It’s hard to describe how much I’ve missed camping. As a kid, I remember going camping in a leaky tent somewhere on the warm, rainy east coast….a sandy beach, sleeping on my raft. As we got older, my family trekked to the west, through Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and many national parks in between …camping all along the way. I’ve missed it greatly in the past decade or so.Roadtrips and vacations have always been the way to my heart.

Now in Texas, I’ve already been camping twice! We’ve taken the drive the to Fort Parker State Park, which is completely worth it. Small, inexpensive and beautiful. The only downside is my allergies, which were fended off this time by lots of Allegra and a nice storm the first night. Oh and Aveeno because I found out last time that I just have to walk by poison ivy to be itchy, joy. We got to explore, hike fish, I got to knit and most importantly there were plenty of hot dogs, s’mores and marshmallows over both weekends. Oh and I stepped in my fair share of ant piles.

Sadly, we only caught one fish worth keeping. This inspired some smarty-pants spider from actually spinning a web between our poles one night. However, we hiked to some amazing spots and I almost had a ginormous fish twice! Or a rock. Image

For you, a camping montage. There are too many pictures to share. Between my guy baiting a hook for a squeamish new fisherman (who could that be?) to a beautiful sunset after the storm. Or how about my friendly ladybug “Earl” to our “secret” fishing spot.

All of it has definitely made me a happy camper.


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