Dinosaurs and Ice Cubes, Part Two

What else did I find out at the Houston Museum of Natural Science? That I now have a new item to collect, funky ice cube trays. You see, I like to buy something little at each museum I go to…mostly because it is the only place on earth I can be a huge art/science/history geek and it is completely okay, sometimes necessary. At HMNS, we tagged along with a few little families and received an amazing amount of dino information from one of the docents. We held a copy if T-Rex’s brain, fossilized poo and learned how to easily tell the difference between copies of bones versus fossilized ones. This guy, HMNS’ new triceratops, is mostly fossilized and is one of the most complete in the world. We fell in love.


So while searching for a geeky souvenir, we were lucky enough to find this, ice cube triceratops…. Joy! It matches well with my newly acquired tiki men cubes – a desperate Target purchase. (Did you know that I’ve cube trays are quite expensive?? Not tiki men ones though…)



Peace n bones,


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