Pookah: The Ravthlete

I’m flexing right now. Didn’t you know I am an amazing athlete? Stop laughing, really I am!

I participated in this year’s Ravellenic Games 2012 on Ravelry and am proud to say I am a gold medal winner. Yup, been up to a podium and everything, pretty crazy. The event I entered was called the Toy Toss and the rules were pretty simple so I knew I could handle it. We had to cast on during the opening ceremony and finish by the close of the Olympics on August 12th. Well I finished exactly one day before the end. In fact, my toy still looked like it did in the post before this on August 10th. Thank goodness I know my limitations. We went on a short trip to San Antonio to visit friends the weekend that the project was due and I actually had to make a pitstop at Hobby Lobby because I forgot my stuffing and eyes for my Moby Whale. I swear, I’d be kicked off of the Olympic team for sure. Sigh…



But, I finished in time and have this amazing little guy to hug, so I’m pretty happy. Introducing….Moby the Whale


And because I’m so awesome, I got my gold medals for my event. I will try to be modest because I’m a horrible competitor….but I’m pretty proud of this.





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