Pinterest is the Devil.

I love Pinterest. Really, who doesn’t? I love planning my future kitchen, finding new road trip gear, drooling over gourmet grub, and admiring pictures of expensive jewlery I will never, ever buy. At least I haven’t pinned imagines of a future wedding…but I really wouldn’t count that out. I am addicted. But I really suck at doing anything with my pins. I’ve made one or two recipes…and then I did by some miracle complete one DIY project, Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks.

Well, I’ve had enough of that. I am a finisher. I’m going to try to pick one project a month from my haughty, overachieving Why Buy It When I Can Make It? board that I can complete. First up, an awesome earring holder.

So I live in a very tiny space. Let’s be clear…a very, very tiny space. I actually love it and it is great while saving up money. We have very limited floor space so we have to be creative. Plus, I live with a boy and he has things like weapons hanging up, which I have inflitrated with rubber band guns of my own. I love it. But I found that all of my earrings were in little bags, getting tangled and I could never find a back for the one I wanted to wear, or I put on two different earring whilst getting dressed in the dark. No good. So, I took off to Pinterest and found this really rad earring holder. And I just painting the bathroom walls so why not take over and hang up all of pretty earrings?

I found a snazzy silver frame and asked my guy if we had extra chickenwire. We do, how could we not with all those chickens? Thank you chickens. We unrolled it on the floor, getting scraped and poked plenty of times (me), squeaked (me) and cut out a piece to fit in the frame (him), then stapled it to the frame (him) trimmed the wire and hung it up (me). You notice who really did most of this DIY project?! Yup, I get hurt easily and I actually think he likes projects like this. He’s pretty great.



I love this lots. Great project and really useful. Pinterest rocks. Tell me, what do you think I should make from my board?




2 thoughts on “Pinterest is the Devil.

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