Objects: Clean Eating and Other Sad Stories

September was full of ups and downs. Happy times, sad times, coughing and coffee withdrawals….I coped with a few survival items. My month in pictures:


No month is without yarn. We lost a special family member this month and I stared at this yarn the entire time in the hospital. I think I am making a scarf, though I started it so many times I forgot what the end should look like. Casting on this yarn again and again was a welcome distraction.


Adding to fun, a bubonic plague! These were my best friends for seven straight days. I tried to give my cold to my man, in firm belief that giving it away would end my misery. This does not work.


On to better days, we started a cleanse diet! These exclamation points are helping me be excited about this! Greens! Broccoli is my best friend. Not my best friend? The “chocolate” shakes we drink each morning….


One very mean part of this diet is no coffee or pop and those who know me know that both of these are essential to my sanity. My hero has been a big cuppa green tea. Surprisingly, I am fine…and so are those around me.


I couldn’t survive this without almonds. I love almonds and am allowed a small handful of raw nuts between meals. I’ve heard that three almonds a day makes you happy. Despite some downs this month, I am loving life lately. It must work.

No need for forced exclamations any longer. I am at peace with this diet. In fact, I’ve realized that I kinda like cooking. I couldn’t survive without my foodie iPad apps Foodily and Whole Foods Recipes. I’ve also bookmarked the Cooks Thesaurus for those tricky substitutions.

In spite of it all, September wasn’t all bad. To stop myself from snacking I amazingly finished two knit projects, wee! We went to my first pro football game and I’ve gotten into the swing of my new job. I love my country drive and want to move somewhere out in the green Texas expanse. Life is good and the light at the end of the tunnel of some rough years is finally here.

I really feel good this month physically, despite the lack of exercise. I do; however, walk ten flights of stairs twice a day in my parking garage. This counts, right? Regardless, clean eating is not so bad… but maybe with some coffee and the occasional dark chocolate bar. We were able to decide that we are never doing this again but want to be healthier which means changes. I’ve also discovered that cooking kinda makes me happy. Even better is that my boyfriend seems to like some things I’ve made. He won’t go as far as to say that my food is good in general, but he hasn’t puked. I call that progress.



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