I Like to Ride My Bicycle

This happened on Friday.


My sister and i grew up riding bikes down our very long driveway. We grew up in the country on a state route which was not the best for neighborhood bike riding. So when we moved to a “city” we tried to ride once. I realized quickly I had never encountered stop signs before and didn’t quite understand how to stop. My old standby of dragging my feet while riding up a hill didn’t work in the city. Cripes. I lost interest.

Until now, this fantastic trike is awesome. Getting proper exercise has been tough lately because of time constraints. The clean eating diet we are on is doing some good, but I really miss running. We are trying to sneak in as much exercise as possible this weekend (ouch, sprints) and I think this can be my new favorite weekday workout. Watch out world!

Meep meep! Catch you in my rearview!




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