Holden, Again.

The Start

I love my friends. Enough said.

But really… I have to say more. They are wonderful, intelligent, creative, compassionate women who would give you the socks on their feet if your toes were chilly. I love them. They stood ready to help me through tough times in life and helped me enjoy every aspect of my life.

They deserve something wonderful for that, don’t they? As a small token of gratitude for two amazing women in my life, I am knitting them each a beautiful Holden Shawlette like mine, but in colors that shout their names from the rooftops. Funny enough, that is shades of blue for my lovely water friends.  This one is Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in “Blue Yonder”. I love how the striations in color are both subtle but instantly noticeable. One thing that made me stay away from triangle shawls for so long was the striping that comes from some variegated yarns. The stripes made me angry and no one wants an angry shawl.

Casting this pattern on again, I am reminded of how strange the construction of a triangle shawl is from the start. It is like magic! Already searching for my next pattern and yarn….




2 thoughts on “Holden, Again.

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