The Texasification of Pookah

I have been in Texas for ten months now. In this time, I have enjoyed a rodeo, taken up fishing, visited my new state’s monuments, camped in the country and fallen in love with chickens. I really do love my new state and look forward to learning more about this massive place while looking quizzically at it’s prideful residents. You may ask what is up next in the process of my Texasification? The only thing that could combine rednecks, coolers of beer, earplugs and flying bits of rubber.


My experience needs few words, picture tell the story quite well. I will sum it up with a few possible quotes from the day.

Wow, this is far louder than I thought anything could possibly be.

Is that man flashing his moobs and/or the bird at the drivers?

Corndog? Yes please!



We visited the racetrack the day before and got to meet the gang from Duck Dynasty. I love them….they are obviously indifferent to me right here , but I’m okay with that.


Then we headed to Forth Worth and the Stockyards where I got to ride a drunk, drooling longhorn. Thankfully, drunk drooling did not become a theme for the night…it easily could have because you can just walk around town with a beer in hand.


This was my driver for the day, #99 Carl Edwards. I do not know much about him , besides that he finished one race ala Will Farrell in Talladega Nights, that makes him okay in my book. Also, his number allowed me to shout quotes from a particular JayZ song all day long.


My driver did not win, but the great thing about NASCAR is that you can start it off by cracking a Ricky Bobby (aka a huge beer) and end it with a toast to the the drivers battling it out during the final lap. Loved it.


This picture says it all. ‘merica.


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