Giving Thanks, My Turn

My friend over at AB Takes CA, wrote this little diddy about really being thankful, not that silly 30 days of thankfulness Facebook kinda stuff. But truly, the things you cannot live without because they make you a better person…meaning of course, that people can stand to be around you. I’ve decided to give it a shot.

I know, I know…its not Thanksgiving any more.

This is why you are not on my list.

  1. Cold remedies/relief – Why is the common cold still an issue? We fly people to the moon and implant ears on the backs of mice. And the cold is still around? Sigh, well I can live with this as long as research is being done to cure a really deadly disease. Don’t fail me science. In the meantime, I am thankful for Zicam and Dayquil – thank you my day-Glo orange friend. Without you getting through the day would be a sniffy mess. Since I’ve started my new job I think I’ve had a cold each month due to my proximity to phlegmy students. My office is filled with Clorox wipes and Lysol. But there is a reason I’m not thankful for them. Nothing stops cold germs. Mrg.
  2. Library Audiobooks – I live in the country. While there is a Dollar General within a mile, anything worth getting is a good half hour drive. My trek to work is doubly long. I love where I live because it is beautiful and I actually love my road trips. All thanks to my lifesaver, audiobooks. They save my mind from wandering into dangerous places. They can’t be too dense so I tend to gravitate to sundry murder mysteries. You wouldn’t believe how much time flies when someone’s been murdered.
  3. This guy – ImageYes, because of all of those things like love, happiness, and blah blah. But he really makes this list because he takes care of my car. I am clueless about anything with a lug-nut or piston. These things are a non-issue to my man and he takes care of them with a shrug while I am panicking and/or confused. He will even wash my car. Have I mentioned that I blah blah him?
  4. And this guy – ImageBecause, well look at him. He stands on my rib cage in order to wake me up in the morning. I need that….obviously. This little furball is my world.
  5. Various Apple products – Without them, I would have nothing to look at in elevators but my companion’s shoes. Sure, I miss out on some shopping ideas, but I’d much rather look at Instagram or Ravelry.
  6. My Keurig  – Sure, I gave up coffee during my month long cleanse diet. Did you really think it would last? My guy gave me the best Valentine’s gift last year – the gift of ant-groginess. I’m pretty sure everyone else is thankful as well – though I am really am surprised that I was still a nice person during that month caffeine fast. Still, I haven’t met a K-Cup I haven’t become instant friends with. Pumpkin Spice. Kona Hazelnut. Emeril Lagasse. We are all friends. My life is now complete.
  7. OK Magazine – I hate myself. In my defense, I wanted to try a magazine on my iPad and this was there. It used to be only my airplane riding guilty pleasure. Now it is delivered electronically every week. Sometimes we will be talking about a celebrity and I tell my guy a new tidbit of information I’ve heard from my “reliable newspaper”. I am thankful for the wisdom of K-Stew and R-Patt’s weekly romance debacle.
  8. Chocolate – does this really need an explanation?
  9. – I’m not sure to be thankful or ragey about this one. They know how to draw me in with free samples and I’m pretty sure this should be classified as one of the most dangerous places on earth. Still, the moisturizer I order here makes my face happy and I’m pretty sure is the reason why a waitress said everyone at our table looked 25 that one time….that included me.
  10. Knitting, of course. I get to show my love for friends and family with a hand-knit gift. It helps me meet new, awesome people in my town and it keeps me busy and entertained for hours on end.

So that’s my pretty shallow, but completely true list of what makes me bearable on a daily basis. Thank you world. In all seriousness, you all know already how thankful I am for you, my friends and family. I love you with all of my heart and would gladly give up my electronic Ok Magazine for, but maybe not my chocolate. Mrp.




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