It’s Beginning to Look A Tiny Bit Like…


Ever since moving out west, I am a ba-humbug until Thanksgiving. Those who play holiday music directly after Halloween make me feel stabby. Ditto for all the stores with stockings and trees in October. What is wrong with you!

But after Thanksgiving I’m ready. I think it is the turkey and broccoli cheese casserole…it makes me festive (and a bit tubby in the middle, but that just means a cleanse diet will be in order for January?).

Either way, thanks to friends posting lovely pictures of trees, wreaths and Santa on Instagram I finally became holiday cheerful. As a result, I kept exclaiming, “I want to do Christmas” to my confused man. So when I braved a local Walmart (aka holiday hell!) on Saturday, I also happened to come back with a tree. And ornaments. Everything else is in storage right now, which is probably a good thing because I could go a little too crazy in our tiny space.

My favorite project was my wreath. I just happened upon my old wreath that I decorated for various holidays last  year. I really like the idea of using the same base and just decorating it differently each time I use it. So I grabbed some ribbon I had purchased for gift wrapping and tried all sorts of wrapping. And hated it. Ba-humbug, there is goes again.

ImageI remembered seeing lots of yarn related wreaths and wanted to do something with knitting. As I wound green and white balls of yarn, I thought I would plaster my wreath with thousands of colorful balls of yarn and some knitting needles. I realized the little white yarn balls looked like tiny snowballs, love! I also realized that the green yarn I was using was a tad but expense and I would kick myself for using it on a wreath. I then remembered that I am extremely impatient. This was the birth of the snowball wreath, which I adore. I added some acorns and red berries. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself; this is the perfect winter wreath for a fly-by-my seat sort of craft project.





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