What a Quack…

photo_4[1]It’s no secret that I love to knit small items. The more quick the knit, the happier I am. Baby items are at the top of that list. Not only do baby knits allow you to knit an adorable item quickly, but they let you use the ridiculous colors and motifs that only a baby can get away with.

Such as a whole lot of ducks.

And this bib. This is my second time knitting this %*!@ thing (There should have been wine in that wine glass, but it was just water. It was 9 a.m., for goodness sake). I have this grand idea of knitting a bib and these matching, freaking adorable duck feet booties (quite possibly the cutest thing on this planet). I started this bib once and nothing about it resembled a duck. I assumed it was the yarn, the image I found of the pattern was knit with cotton. So I started it again, but on a small needle so it would be a little less “holey”. Wah, wah, wah. Sad thing is, it actually looks a whole lot more like a duck in this picture than it does in person.

Thoughts on how to salvage this? I think I am going to line it with some yellow felt and keep my fingers crossed. It’s not terrible, just not what I was hoping it would look like. Up next is another bib and this one has cotton written all over it.


4 thoughts on “What a Quack…

  1. No need to salvage anything! I think it looks great!!! VERY cute! Are these quick and easy? I’ve had some other patterns in my queue for ever and have never tried it. Might be a new go-to!

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