Deck the Halls

My HipstaPrint 903952325What do you do when all of your holiday decorations are in storage?

You make your own.

After a frightful trip to WalMart last weekend, I got the decorating joneses and haven’t stopped since. I bought a tiny, 3 ft tree just because it was a Winston pine. (Winston is the name of our fictional bulldogge for which we are saving.)

All of my uber cool ornaments are deep in the depths of some random box, so for the meantime I’ve decided to decorate with my own creations. I searched Ravelry and found some great ideas, such as this festive Christmas Tree.

Its a fantastic quick knit and a nice base to use to adorn gifts, hang from the tree or make it snazzy and give to a coworker as a small gift. I just crocheted a chain hang tie and hung mine right away because I was a tad too excited.

I think I may make it a bit snazzier…maybe a gold star? I also had a strange urge to hang this on my rear-view window because it resembles one of those tree air fresheners. I wonder if I douse it in scent, will it make my car smell amazing?


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