…and Clipped

Were you wondering what those clothespins were for on my crafting list?

They are for these snazzy snowflakes on my Gifty Pinterest Board. I mean, what else can you do with craft glue, clothes pins and an hour to spare?

Actually, I take that back. I’ve seen pictures of enough craft challenges to know that any crafter could come up with something crazy, and possibly beautiful while locked in a padded room with a handful of MacGyver worthy materials.


I bought a pack of mini clothespins from my local crafts store for about four bucks. You need eight clothespins to make one snowflakes, so I was pleased that I could get three snowflakes out of mine. The tutorial for the snowflakes is at this rad site I just discovered Under the Table and Dreaming.

photo 2

Dismembered paper clip, how sad.

In a nutshell, you destroy the clothespin, flip it and reverse it (Missy Misdemeanor style) and glue it back together. See my destruction here on the right. (Yes, that is a KnitPicks catalog I’m working on. And yes, I learned real quick that this was not the best surface to work on given glue’s tendency to um…stick to paper.)

Then you play connect the dots, making a cross with the clips, smother with glue, then insert the rest to make a snowflake, more glue. The directions call for hot glue, but I didn’t have any and am too impatient to wait. So I used craft glue and well, so far so good. We will see how they hold up. For now, looking pretty spectacular resting in my tree.


A gorgeous, wooden snowflake hanging on my tree, soon to be on someone’s gift!

These make beautiful decorations for my tiny tree, but I plan on using my snowflake to decorate a gift for my Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Did you see how pretty that package is on the Pinterest picture?




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