Hometown Holidays

I’ve officially gotten the Christmas bug. I spent this weekend drenched in holiday preparations and was actually jolly about it the entire time. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have to brave any more trips to the dreaded WalMart? Either way, I spent the weekend wrapping, knitting Christmas decorations and enjoying all of the festivity around town.


It’s not a parade in Texas without glitter, the Texas flag and a gorgeous horse.

One thing to love about the holidays, other than the delcious food, gift-giving and family time, is holiday parades. I love the fire engines, marching bands, Santa waving and as of now, the Christmas carols no longer annoy me. We drove into town to watch our local parade with family and friends and I got to experience small town Texas in all of its glory, and I got to sit in the bed of the truck to have candy thrown at me. I love feeling tall and like a sitting target. I loved living in San Diego, but I’m a small town girl and that love of all things hometown has never left my heart.


The sights, smells and snorfs of festival!

Then we headed to the local German Festival and I stuffed myself silly. Nothing says home like kraut and polka. We meandered around enjoying the smells, crafts and brews. There was even a petting zoo that I stalked for a while (why are they only for kids? I want to snuggle a piggy snorf too!). All of this made me a bit homesick for Ohio and very ready for our road trip north.

Peace and love,




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